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The GoLanguages Series

Brings to life learning materials that are assigned to you,
created by your instructor or even uploaded by yourself!

  • Click or highlight any text to hear the instantly generated spoken voice
  • Point cursor on any word or phrase to view its definitions
  • Monitor progress, online assessment, Podcasts and much more
Overseas studies preparation business
Gowell has launched the GAC program, the world’s most widely recognized university preparation program, in China through the largest learning center... More

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Introduction to Gowell
Gowell is an online education company. We deliver online learning materials that are contributed or customized by all participants in the learning process - publishers, authors, instructors and learners. Our award-winning content delivery platform brings to life learning materials by auto-generating voice output, definitions, phonetics and other learning support. These learning platforms easily support curriculum-based lessons, homework... More
News & Events

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Gowell launches the GAC program, the world's most widely recognized university preparation program, in Hong Kong

Gowell launched the Global Assessment CertificateTM (GAC) program, the most widely-recognized university preparation program in the world and the flagship international program of the U.S. ACTs... More
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