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GoTeach World
Teacher placement service
We work with leading K-12 schools and some select language schools in China and Asia on placing qualified English-speaking teachers.

See our GoTeach World website for more information.

Corporate training

Gowell offers engaging and interactive language training courses, conducted by our experienced language trainers. We focus on training English, Putonghua Chinese and Cantonese Chinese.

We differentiate our offering with our multimedia-rich, online platforms that deliver bilingual course materials fully customized for your company. Your staff will have user accounts accessing these materials during and after the completion of their trainer-led classes.

Fully customized solution - with course materials and our trainers

Course materials. We customize our course materials to incorporate your company's specific needs and objectives, business operation scenarios as well as products, services and even management information - all at a level that is appropriate for your specific trainees. We update our course materials seasonally, to reflect any changes and developments with your business.

These course materials are not only delivered in print, but also in online and Podcast formats.

As our course materials are fully customized, we can work with any industry. Currently, we are working actively with companies in retail, hospitality, property development & management, banking & finance, insurance, transportation, trading & distribution and government-related services.

Trainers. Our trainers all have proper teaching qualifications and a background in our corporate customer's respective industry. Each one of our trainers actively engages in the training experience, working closely with the course materials and also supporting any objectives of our corporate customer.

Gowell's online platforms

Gowell doesn't offer generic online resources, rather, we offer online resources customized for our corporate customer.

The GoEnglish and GoChinese platforms deliver company-specific course material in a multimedia-rich, online format. Trainees can access these platforms anytime, anywhere - in effect, receiving language support upon demand.

In addition to your course materials, any additional content - for example, reference lists of your product names or promotions - can also be uploaded into this platform as a service that we provide, for which the voice and definitions are automatically generated. Training managers are also equipped with the same tools, should you like to create or update the online training materials.

How do trainees use this platform?

  • Voice. While viewing course materials, trainees can double-click, highlight the displayed text or press the 'Play' button to hear individual words, selected text or the entire passage read aloud, respectively.
  • Comprehension support. Pointing the cursor on a word or phrase immediately displays its definition - no need to use a dictionary. GoEnglish users view (Traditional or Simplified) Chinese definitions for English text; GoChinese users view English definitions for Chinese text.
  • Assessment. A full range of auto-graded, voice-enabled online exercises are provided. Trainees, trainers and administrators can monitor progress and scores.
  • Self-submitted materials. Trainees can upload their own materials (e.g., company materials, presentations and speeches) for real-time language support. Voice, phonetics and definitions are automatically generated for this text.
  • Offline support. MP3 downloads, Podcasts, PDFs and print-friendly versions.
  • Interface personalization. Changing interface skins, personal settings, etc.

With GoChinese, both Hanyu Pinyin and both characters forms are also auto-generated and displayed for the course materials.

How do trainers/administrators use this platform?

In addition to accessing all learning features, trainer/administrators accounts have these additional functions:
  • Full set of authoring tools. Trainers/administrators can create or modify online lessons and exercises at any time. Formatting tools are provided so that the materials resemble traditional course materials, with graphics inserts, video links, etc.
  • Full set of content management tools. Trainers/administrators can assign online materials to particular groups of trainees. Content can also be displayed to trainees progressively.
  • Assessment monitoring. Exercise sets are auto-graded and trainers/administrators can monitor scores and progress. Certification is supported.
  • Usage feedback. Trainers/administrators can monitor usage - when, for how long and from where trainees are accessing the platform.

Case Studies

Leading corporations such as MTR Corporation, Hospital Authority and the Hong Kong Government have been using our platforms for online language support and certification.

The following are some case studies of blended training courses that we have conducted:

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