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7 August 2021

Youths and college students enjoyed the inaugural UC Davis Summer Youth Programs in China

This past summer, the University of California, Davis Summer Youth Programs had a successful inaugural run in Shanghai. These are the first, in-person summer programs in China from a leading university that support both youths and college students. Students receive an official certificate from UC Davis upon completion.

Over 100 students – from primary to college-aged – participated in this UC experience in July and August, experiencing courses ranging from Communications to VEX Robotics and Leadership.

“There were a lot of interaction with both teachers and teaching assistants and the classroom atmosphere was great!”, said Ms Lai, a college student in Zhejiang. Other students mentioned that they appreciated how attentive teachers were to student feedback and how the learning experience helped them build up their confidence.

Please see the below leaflets recapping the programs from this past summer.


15 August 2020

Students found UC Santa Barbara’s online summer program rewarding and interesting

This summer, students throughout China enrolled in a series of online courses covering AP subjects such as Macroeconomics and Psychology. The lectures were taught live and in the mornings Beijing time by UC Santa Barbara professors. Gowell Education arranged for bilingual teaching assistants to conduct small group reviews, interactive activities as well as one-to-one sessions. Students received an official certificate and recommendation letter from the university upon completion.

“I love UCSB’s courses. … [T]he professor explained the concepts in detail. The courses met high school students’ needs as it gave me a preliminary idea of the major that I want to study in college,” said Emily Su, a rising Year 12 student in Beijing. Other students liked that the courses were well-organized, found the professors engaging and easy to understand and benefited from the individual chats with their mentors. They also mentioned that even though the courses were online, the experience was still very personal.

Please see below a video for an upcoming program incorporating the classroom experience and students’ feedback from this past summer.


31 May 2019

Guangzhou schools providing their students with inspiring and successful academic experiences at UC Davis

In a recent news article, UC Davis CPE featured two top Guangzhou middle and high schools with students enrolled at the university’s credit bearing College Study Skills and STEM programs during the winter holidays. These programs have been integrated as part of the students’ international education experience and college preparation. The school principal is pleased with the comprehensive nature of the programs, exposing students to best practice teaching, research and culture at a top-ranked U.S. university. Students have overwhelmingly felt more enlightened, motivated and knowledgeable from their experience.

Click on the link to read the news article.


1 March 2019

Gowell launches a AI Robotics intensive summer session with Storming Robots at The Lawrenceville School

Gowell is pleased to provide international and out-of-town students a rare opportunity to join Storming Robots’ popular summer sessions. Storming Robots is the leading AI robotics club in the U.S. Its student teams consistently win top awards at global robotics competitions such as RoboCupJunior and ZeroRobotics and its students are regularly accepted by the Ivy Leagues and other top universities such as Stanford and MIT.

This summer, Storming Robots’ laboratories will be extended to the prestigious The Lawrenceville School and students can reside at the school’s dormitories, enjoying their cafeterias and athletic facilities.

For students interested in learning more about how to bring their innovations to the market, we also offer a week-long NYU Entrepreneurship and Innovation course one week before the program.

Click on the leaflets below and WeChat newsletter for more detailed information.


11 February 2019

Upper primary and middle school students enjoying UC Davis’ youth STEM+Coding program

The UC Davis Youth STEM+Coding program, offered with Gowell, provides a unique dual-track approach to upper primary and middle school students – half the day covering multi-science topics, including first-hand learning at UC Davis’ many laboratories, science museums and technology centers; the other half of the day is focused on coding and projects.  All classes are taught in English and focused on discussion-based, cross disciplined learning.

One of the highlights of the program includes a visit to Davis Senior High School, touring the impressive 1678 Citrus Circuits robotics facilities.  Citrus Circuits is one of the strongest student robotics teams in the U.S. and a FIRST World championship winner.

Please see this video, leaflet and our WeChat newsletter for more detailed information.


1 October 2018

Newly launched videos from our study abroad programs

We are delighted to launch some update videos from our popular study abroad program at UC Davis. Click here for a selection of videos of our classrooms, activities and students.


23 July 2018

Meet & Greet with California Assemblymember David Chiu

Students from our summer program at UC Davis were delighted with their special opportunity to learn from California Assemblymember David Chiu. Assemblymember Chiu generously lent his time to speak about America’s political system and current landscape as well as the work that he’s doing in leading and looking after his constituents. The students were also inspired to meet an Asian-American lawmaker making a difference in America.

See our WeChat newsletter to read more about the visit.


16 April 2018

Our founder, Linda Wu, was nominated as a Woman of Hope for her work in education



31 August 2017

Students and their parents applaud our UC Davis college credit bearing program

This summer, we brought Asia-based students on 2-week U.S. College Study Skills Programs at UC Davis. This course equips students with skills important for successful studies at U.S. universities, with focus on collaborative learning, independent studies, notetaking, critical thinking skills, etc. Students also attended ESL and TOEFL test prep courses and workshops on applying to U.S. – and UC, in particular – universities. Upon the completion of this program, students received 2 college credits transferrable to U.S. universities as well as a recommendation letter.

We also brought students on an insiders’ tour of Stanford University and UC Berkeley, as well as to San Francisco and Sacramento, where students saw the state legislature in session. Our students lived comfortably in UC Davis’ dormitory suites, with a swimming pool in the atrium where students jumped in every day. We celebrated birthdays, sampled international foods, visited outdoor fairs and even shopped. We look forward to staying in touch with each of our students.

To learn more, see our program video and student feedback video. See our WeChat newsletter for more detailed information. See a WeChat write-up on Davis, California – an ideal, centrally-located and beautiful location for an overseas studies program.


10 October 2016

Study abroad program at UC Davis launched

Gowell is bringing students to University of California, Davis campus for a 2-week study abroad program during the 2017 Chinese new year holidays. Students will take part in a college credit bearing course entitled "U.S. College Preparation Program" and immerse themselves in campus life at UC Davis, a U.S. News & World Report top 10 public university. Students will also visit leading universities in the region and tour San Francisco and Old Sacramento. This program is also offered in Summer 2017. See our WeChat newsletter for more information (in Chinese). 


12-13 June 2015

Gowell exhibits at the IOE Confucius Institute's 12th Annual Chinese Conference 2015

Gowell exhibited at the IOE Confucius Institute's 12th Annual Chinese Conference held in London on 12 & 13 June. Over 250 teachers in the UK participated in this conference where Gowell exhibited its GoChinese platform and resources, as well as official Online Workbook for Pearson's Edexcel GCSE Chinese. GoChinese will also include new Cambridge Pre-U resources this Fall. 


16 March 2015

Gowell raises US$1 million from leading investors to fund international education in China

Hong Kong – 16 March 2015. Gowell, a Hong Kong-based education company, has raised US$1 million in seed round funding to further develop its overseas studies preparation business in Mainland China. This round was led by Fresco Capital with institutional participation by Nest Investments.

Gowell is focused on becoming a market leader in overseas education preparation. It is taking the lead in delivering international curriculum and university preparation programs from prominent educational organizations such as the U.S.’s ACT, through the largest learning center network in China consisting of over 1,200 centers.

Gowell’s programs not only prepare students from non-English speaking countries for overseas education but also provide preferential pathways for these students into over 160 universities around the world, largely in the U.S., Australia, UK and Canada. Its English-medium programs are delivered in traditional classrooms by in-person, qualified educators, but supplemented by Gowell’s online bilingual course delivery system and video classrooms.

One of Gowell’s key programs is the ACT’s GAC university preparation program, whose graduates have a 100% acceptance rate into overseas universities and are documented to achieve higher than average GPAs once they are overseas.

The company has launched its initial center in Shenyang, China and plans to expand into other locations in mid-2015.

“We are still only looking at the tip of the iceberg with Chinese students going overseas. Students from secondary and other smaller cities in China have the ability and interest to study abroad, but not necessarily the support or channel to help fulfill this desire. We are focused on bridging this gap and meeting this demand,” says Linda Wu, CEO of Gowell.

“There is a massive trend of Chinese students going overseas for university, but these students need adequate preparation in order to succeed. With strong local partnerships in both China and abroad, a high quality curriculum, and a clear methodology for measuring outcomes, we are confident in Gowell’s ability to meet the growing demand for the preparation required to succeed," says Allison Baum, Managing Director of Fresco Capital.

“We equip our students with not only the necessary language abilities but also the learning skillsets to manage in a western education environment, where collaboration, participation and critical analysis are emphasized. The goal of our programs is to properly prepare Chinese students to not only adapt but thrive in their overseas education and in turn broaden their knowledge and perspectives,” says Wu.

About Gowell Software

Gowell is a Hong Kong-based education company focused on international education, overseas studies advisory services, corporate training and online learning. Gowell was first established based on the strengths of its award-winning online language learning platforms, GoChinese and GoEnglish, with customers throughout China and Greater Asia, the U.S. and UK. Since then, it has expanded into international education and corporate training. The company is now delivering the world’s most widely recognized university preparation program in China through the largest learning center network in the country, consisting of over 1,200 centers. Gowell places a strong emphasis on maintaining high quality education with state-of-the-art approaches and learning technologies that meet the needs of today’s learners. www.gowell.com

About Fresco Capital

Fresco Capital is a global early stage venture fund supporting exceptional entrepreneurs to build remarkable businesses. With a team spanning Silicon Valley and Asia, Fresco invests in companies across sectors and geographies with an emphasis on people, diversity, and impact. www.frescocapital.com

About NEST

Nest Investments is Hong Kong’s pre-eminent start up incubator that helps to build and scale high-growth businesses in Hong Kong and Asia. Nest invests in the people as much as the business concepts and empowers each team with the tools they require to achieve global success with their business. With an eye for the truly unique and disruptive, Nest is actively involved in all of its companies and drives them to reach their full potential, fostering the start-up ecosystem locally and developing Hong Kong China as a global entrepreneurial hub. www.nest.vc


6 October 2014

Our overseas studies preparation business

Gowell has launched the GAC program, the world’s most widely recognized university preparation program, in China through the largest learning center network in the country, consisting of over 1,200 centers. The company’s first center is in Shenyang, China and it plans to expand into other locations in mid-2015.

Click on our ‘overseas studies’ menu for further information, in Chinese. Please see our slideshow below.


9 August 2014

EDUPlus Feature

EDUPlus featured the GAC program, highlighting its course structure and strengths. No minimum DSE requirements – all Hong Kong high school graduates are eligible to apply for the GAC program.


8 August 2014

JobMarket Exclusive Interview

JobMarket interviewed our managing director, Linda Wu, about the GAC program being launched in Hong Kong.


22 July 2014

Oriental Daily News Special Coverage

Oriental Daily News featured special coverage on our GAC program, highlighting its course structure and strengths.


5-6 July 2014

Gowell exhibits at the 17th Hong Kong International Education Expo

Gowell exhibited our newly launched Global Assessment CertificateTM (GAC) program at the 17th Hong Kong International Education Expo held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 5 & 6 July. Over 250 education providers from 15 countries and regions participated in this event.


5 July 2014

Gowell launches the GAC program, the world’s most widely recognized university preparation program, in Hong Kong

Gowell launched the Global Assessment CertificateTM (GAC) program, the most widely-recognized university preparation program in the world and the flagship international program of the U.S. ACTs. The ACT is the provider of the most popular university entrance exam in the U.S.

This 9-month course is focused on preparing students for tertiary education in English-speaking countries. It covers a wide range of subjects taught in English – from Academic English to Math and Science – and includes test preparation for TOEFL/IELTS and the ACT. It also focuses on building academic and personal skills – such as collaborative learning, oral presentations, independent learning, etc. – that allows students to thrive within a Western education system.

The GAC program features over 150 pathway universities – around half in the U.S., many leading public universities – providing GAC students a 100% admissions rate into overseas universities. The GAC program has been operating in over 13 countries since 2002.


19 June 2014

Gowell wins 2013/14 Family-Friendly Employers Award

Gowell won the 2013/14 Family-Friendly Employers Award. This award recognizes companies and organizations that demonstrate a family-friendly spirit. The vetting criteria include family-friendly employment policies and practices and benefits, as well as a consistent commitment shown by the management. This award has been offered since 2011.


6-7 June 2014

Gowell exhibits at the IOE Confucius Institute’s 11th Annual Chinese Conference 2014

Gowell exhibited at the IOE Confucius Institute’s 11th Annual Chinese Conference held in London on 6 & 7 June. Over 150 teachers in the UK participated in this conference where Gowell exhibited its GoChinese platform, our new official Online Workbook for Pearson’s Edexcel GCSE Chinese and iPad app, Chinese Match, in collaboration with Cambridge English Online.


6 June 2014

Gowell launches the official Online Workbook supporting Pearson’s Edexcel GCSE Chinese textbook.

GoChinese is providing the official Online Workbook to Edexcel GCSE Chinese textbook published by Pearson Education Limited. Learners access to over 1,500 multimedia-rich, online exercises mapped to each unit of this popular textbook. Passages from the textbooks are also showcased together with GoChinese support, which includes the spoken voice, English definitions and Hanyu Pinyin for every word or phrase in the passage. Learners simply point, click or highlight to activate these learning outputs.

This Online Workbook is suitable for both in-class as well as independent use, with auto-correct and commentary support. Both laptops or iPads can be used to support this resource.


30 January 2014

The New GoEnglish

Gowell has launched an upgraded GoEnglish, with a fresh, new interface. GoEnglish will be much more personalized, allowing teachers to easily add commentaries to their students' work and communicate directly with students. Creating multimedia-rich learning materials will also become easier than ever, using drag and drop options. Click the picture below to learn more about this upgrade.


17-18 May 2013

Gowell exhibits at the IOE Confucius Institute’s 10th Annual Chinese Conference 2013

Gowell exhibited at the IOE Confucius Institute’s 10th Annual Chinese conference held in London on 17 & 18 May.


January 2013

English test preparation and overseas studies advisory services

Gowell will soon provide English test preparation and overseas studies advisory services to our institutional customers. Our test preparation solution features online resources from the leading international publishers and test preparation providers. Our advisors all have demonstrated experience and track record in advising and facilitating students with their overseas studies. Please contact us for further details.


December 2012

Gowell develops the ‘online workbook’ for ‘Zhongguo Yuwen Chuanyi’ published by Lingnan University and People's Education Press

GoChinese is serving as the workbook resource for Lingnan University’s Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre (CLEAC), which is used by all of Lingnan’s students as well as by other academic institutions. Students using the main textbook can reference selected content and practice exercises online, in GoChinese. Our platform has replaced the print workbook and this resource is integrated with the university’s Moodle learning management system and provides students and teachers with a wide range of reporting feedback.


18-19 May 2012

Gowell exhibits at the UK Specialist Schools and Academies Trust 2012 Annual Chinese Conference

Gowell exhibited at the UK SSAT’s Annual Chinese conference held in London on 18 & 19 May.


20-21 April 2012

Gowell exhibits at the 11th Chinese Articulation Workshop (K-12)

Gowell exhibited at the 11th Chinese Articulation Workshop (K-12) in Hong Kong on 20 & 21 April.


3 January 2012

Interview in World of Chinese

The Issue 6 2011 publication of World of Chinese featured an interview with one of our directors on the GoChinese platform and Chinese learning.


January 2012

Gowell supports Hanban’s Confucius Institution Online with GoChinese

Gowell has developed the online GoChinese exercises for Hanban’s published Happy Chinese and Learn Chinese With Me, which can be found in Hanban’s Confucius Institute Online. Access the online exercises from Confucius Institute Online by clicking “Happy Chinese Online Exercises” and “Learn Chinese With Me Online Exercises” at the left menu.


26-27 July 2011

Gowell presents and exhibits at the National High School Educational Technology Innovation Seminar and 2011 Cerbibo System Administrator Training Conference

Gowell presented the paper ‘GoEnglish Blackboard Plug-in – Case studies in achieving effective online support for English teaching & learning’ at the National High School Educational Technology Innovation Seminar and 2011 Cerbibo System Administrator Training Conference in Nanchang, China. Gowell also exhibited at this conference. This conference is co-hosted by Cerbibo, the China arm of Blackboard, a U.S.-based global leading e-learning solution provider, and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. See the presentation.


22 June 2011

Gowell conducts teachers professional training & experience sharing workshop in Shanghai

Gowell conducted a professional training workshop at the British International School Shanghai, Pudong campus, with Chinese language teachers from Shanghai and Suzhou attending. The GoChinese training team introduced new feature and new learning resources and teachers also directly shared their experiences using GoChinese with other participating teachers.

See the presentation

Date: Wednesday, 22 June 2011
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Venue: The British International School Shanghai, Pudong Campus, Shanghai


9 June 2011

City University of Hong Kong presents findings on GoChinese’s role in increasing students test scores at the eLearning Forum Asia 2011

City University of Hong Kong presents its findings from using GoChinese, in a seminar at the eLearning Forum Asia 2011 at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. Across all measures - from exams and overall course grades - students using GoChinese achieved higher marks than a control group of students who did not use this online resource.


20-21 May 2011

Gowell exhibits at the UK Specialist Schools and Academies Trust 2011 Annual Chinese Conference

Gowell exhibited at the UK SSAT’s Annual Chinese conference held in London on 20 & 21 May. Several leading schools in the UK also spoke about their experiences using GoChinese.


14 May 2011

Gowell exhibits at the CLTA-GNY 2011 Annual Conference & 9th New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese

Gowell exhibited at the CLTA-GNY 2011 Annual Conference & 9th New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese held at Rutgers University in New Jersey on 14 May. Several schools also spoke about their experiences using GoChinese.


28-29 April 2011

Gowell presents and exhibits at the 2011 Global Language Conference

Gowell presented ‘How schools in Hong Kong, Mainland China, the UK and US are using GoChinese’ and exhibited at the 2011 Global Language Conference held in Beijing on 28 & 29 April.


1 March 2011

Peking University goes English with GoEnglish

Gowell has undertaken a successful and popular trial of GoEnglish with Peking University students, in which GoEnglish delivered past papers for College English Test Band 4 / 6. Over 99% of the students found GoEnglish helpful, citing the convenience of going through the auto-graded exam online, with full voice (especially with the voice spoken in different speeds), English definitions and commentary support. See the case study (in Chinese) for further information on this trial.


15 May 2010

Gowell presents at the CLTA-GNY 2010 Annual Conference & 8th New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese

Gowell presented the paper "Using GoChinese to Raise Language Skills and Test Scores" at the CLTA-GNY 2010 Annual Conference & 8th New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese. Conference details and Powerpoint presentation (please scroll down the webpage to find our link).


18 March 2010

Gowell releases case studies on GoChinese’s role in increasing students test scores

GoChinese has demonstrated that it has helped significantly improve student test scores in two featured case studies: ‘Increasing Reading Scores at a U.S. School’ and ‘Increasing GCSE (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing) Scores at a UK School.’


1 December 2009

Wellington College showcases GoChinese to the Queen

Wellington College in the UK showcased their Chinese initiatives, including GoChinese, to Queen Elizabeth during her tour of the school for their 150-anniversary celebration.

See the video as she visits the school’s new language center.


15 October 2009

Sun Yat-sen University in China wins National and Provisional Grand Award in Teaching Achievement with GoEnglish

Sun Yat-sen University, in Guangzhou, China, was awarded the ‘National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award’ and the ‘Guangdong Provincial Level Teaching Achieving Award’ by the Ministry of Education in 2009, for their work in using GoEnglish to deliver their textbooks and test preparation courses. The awards are given once every four years, representing the highest quality of higher education teaching in China.

These courses are also awarded ‘National College Excellence Courses’.

See more information


21 September 2009

Gowell sponsors China Ministry of Foreign Affairs's International English Contest (Hong Kong)

Gowell and GoEnglish are supporting the Bank of East Asia International English Contest (Hong Kong), part of China's nationwide International English Speaking Contest launched by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the British Embassy and English Salon.

See more information


20 June 2009

Gowell delivers online Chinese learning paper at The 6th International Conference on Internet Chinese Education (ICICE 2009)

Gowell delivers ‘Using online resources to achieve customized, motivated Chinese learning with improved results – GoChinese’ at The 6th International Conference on Internet Chinese Education (ICICE 2009) held in Taiwan. The theme of the conference is ‘Change for Instruction – The new opportunities of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Web 2.0 Era.’

Date: Saturday, 20 June 2009
Time: 15:00-16:20
Venue: Howard International House, Taipei, Taiwan

See the published paper


12 June 2009

Gowell conducts teacher user workshops in London

Gowell shared the different usages of GoChinese at schools around the world and conducted ‘hands-on’ training sessions with UK based teachers. Teachers also directly shared their experiences with GoChinese among the other participating teachers.

See the presentation
Note: This presentation also references the introductory tutorial found on the homepage of www.gochinese.net (select ‘Product Site’).

Date: Friday, 12 June 2009
Time: 14:00 – 17:30
Venue: St Mary Magdalene Academy, Islington, London


1 December 2008

New Hong Kong NSS materials online

Gowell Software Limited and Eureka Language Education Centre are jointly launching a one-of-a-kind NSS English offering – with NSS courses, teacher training workshops, native English teachers and online course materials, supporting both teachers and students. Eureka's NSS widely received course materials are now delivered on the award-winning GoEnglish online language learning platform.

See more information


18 November 2008

Gowell exhibits at the Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2008

Gowell exhibited at Local IT Industry Creativity Exhibition of Cyberport Venture Capital Forum 2008 held in Hong Kong on 18 November 2008. Attendees from Hong Kong Design Community, Hong Kong Institute Vocational Education and other IT companies visited our exhibition booth. Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) 2008 is a signature event organized by Cyberport for entrepreneurs and investors to share insights and explore challenge.

See more information


20-21 June 2008

Gowell conducts workshop at the UK Specialist Schools and Academies Trust Confucius Institute 5th Annual Chinese Conference

Gowell conducted a workshop at the UK SSAT’s Annual Chinese conference in London, featuring successful experiences by U.K. and Asia-based secondary schools in using online resources, such as GoChinese. Lily Chen, the Mandarin head at Our Lady’s Convent High School, shared her use of the GoChinese platform for courses leading to QCA recognised qualifications as well as in aiding her students in winning language competitions.

See a recap of the workshop


8 April 2008

UK National Centre for Languages publishes case studies on GoChinese

The UK National Centre for Languages (CiLT) published case studies of Our Lady’s Convent School in London using the GoChinese Business Chinese course and online assessment for the related Business Chinese certification. See full write-up.


8-9 November 2007

Gowell to present at the 2007 CERNET-Blackboard Greater China User Conference

Gowell will present and exhibit the ‘GoEnglish: The Award Winning Online English Learning Platform’ at this leading online education conference in Nanjing, China. This conference is co-hosted by Cerbibo, a joint venture between Blackboard, a global leading elearning solution provider, and CERNET, the Chinese Ministry of Education's education Internet access and services provider, and Nanjing Normal University.

Date: Thursday-Friday 8-9 November 2007
Time: 8:30-20:30
Venue: Jinling Riverside Conference Hotel, Nanjing, China


19 May 2007

Gowell to present and exhibit at the UK Specialist Schools and Academies Trust 4th Annual Mandarin Chinese, in partnership with the Association for Language Learning and the UK Federation of Chinese.

Gowell will present ‘Teaching Chinese Using an Online Platform’ at this annual language conference held in London, UK.  An opportunity will be provided for participants to learn about the experiences of other schools using the GoChinese platform as well as to navigate through the platform first-hand.

Date: Saturday, 19 May 2007
Time: 10:00-16:15
Venue: Kingsford Community School, Beckton, East London


14-17 April 2007

Gowell to present and exhibit at the International ICT Expo 2007

Gowell will exhibit in this leading international technology exhibition held in Hong Kong with 28,000 buyers from 139 countries and regions.  Gowell will speak at the Exhibitors' Forum, 6:00-6:30pm, Sunday 15 April 2007, Hall 5.  Visit us at Booth 5J17.

Date: Saturday-Tuesday, 14-17 April 2007
Time: 10:00-18:30
Venue: HK Convention and Exhibition Centre


1 March 2007

Hong Kong Trade Development Council features GoChinese

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) features GoChinese on its recent awards and Chinese language learning.

See the article


17 January 2007

GoChinese and GoEnglish accredited as Promethean Activboard "Friendly"

GoChinese and GoEnglish are accredited with the Promethean Activboard "Friendly" Kitemark.  The Promethean "Friendly" Kitemark was awarded to Gowell's language platforms as they operate with an interactive whiteboard and Promethean believes that these platforms add value to group teaching and learning when used through an Activboard.

Promethean is a global leader in interactive learning technology and supplies Activboard and the latest Activboard+2, the world's most durable interactive whiteboard technology.


4 - 8 December 2006

Gowell presents at the ITU Telecom World 2006

Gowell presented in a variety of live and televised talks for its award-winning GoChinese and GoEnglish platforms at the renowned ITU Telecom World conference.


22 November 2006

Presentation Ceremony:  Gowell wins Hong Kong ICT Award

Gowell won the Hong Kong ICT Gold and Grand Awards in eLearning. The company has deployed its extremely strong linguistic expertise in combination with a very practical application of IT, and the result is an excellent tool for teaching and learning languages. The platform can be adapted to provide a successful learning environment for other languages, comments from Hong Kong ICT Awards 2006 judging panel.

See more information

Photo Gallery, with Hong Kong's Financial Secretary and current Chief Secretary:


5 November 2006

Gowell wins top Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA)

Gowell won the 2006 top Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) in Education and Training. The APICTA Awards is an international program that invites participants from 16 countries and regions:  Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

See more information


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